What Are The Best Drum kits for Beginners

Like with any other instruments, it´s difficult to say which of all the popular drum kits in the market sounds the best. It depends on a variety of factors including personal preference and the style of music you´re playing. But if you’re a beginner, it likely you’re not exactly sure what style you want to be playing. And it’s important for a beginner to have the right tool to start something new. You’ll be looking for something relatively affordable and easy to play/user friendly.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular drum kits if you’re just starting out and want to buy a new rather than used kit.

Pearl Roadshow Series 4-piece


Image Source: pearldrum.com

Inexpensive but serviceable, the 4-piece Pearl Roadshow comes with all the basic hardware needed to kick start the drumming career. With a bass, tom, snare and floor tom, this package is the perfect first drum kit and is known for sturdiness and longevity. It has secure mounting spurs for you to add additional toms and other accessories, so you can build up your hardware as your skill improve! According to their official website this 4-piece kit can be bought at $599.

Mapex Voyager 5-piece

Mapex Voyager 5

Image Source: mapexdrums.com

Slightly more expensive than the Pearl Roadshow, but certainly affordable, you can do a lot worse than the Voyager for your first drum kit. This is a slightly larger kit with a 22 inch wide bass drum and 2 cymbal stands. It is also highly durable with a gloss warped finish that not only gives it a certain sparkle, but offer protection too. While an excellent option for a beginner, the 5-piece kit also handles itself well in performance situation and is very easy to transport. According to the official website this  kit can be bought at $849.

Tama Swingstar 5-piece 


Image Source: tama.com

A genuine quality set of drums even for an experienced drummer, the Tama Swingstar packs similar features and sound quality to drum kits that are twice as pricey. Particularly popular in the 2000‘s, the Swingstar kit is lightweight but highly durable and features O-ring mufflers Accu-tune hoop to get a gorgeous balanced sound. This user-friendly kit has a great overall tone and is a good place to start to discover the sound you like. The official website says this 5-piece will cost you $1019.

PDP Mainstage 5- Piece

PDP Mainstage 5- Piece

Image Source: pacificdrums.com

Arguably the best performing drum kit on this list, the PCP Mainstage has long been renowned for being the near-perfect entry-level kit for an enthusiastic beginner drummer. In terms of appearance, it quite eye-catching and unique too! It comes with the standard 5-piece offering with a large bass drum, 2 toms, a floor tom and snare drum, as well as other additions including various stands and a drum pedal. You can buy this beauty at $990.

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Tama: A Musical Instrument with a Difference & a Rock drummer’s dream

DTama drum setespite recent declines in the level of popularity enjoyed by traditional musical instruments due to advancements in beat-making software development, drums like Tama and Mapex have somehow managed to remain relevant because of the unique sounds they create.
Tama drums are manufactured by Hoshino Gakki in Japan. Hoshino Gakki started manufacturing these drum sets in 1965, and since then Tama has remained the brand name for their line of drum sets. Even though Tama is a more recent addition to the market, it has already been proved to be very effective drum set and innovative in differentiating their drum sets from the competition.
Innovation in the Tama drums and hardware, such as the floating drum mounting system, called the star cast system, allows the tom toms to resonate more freely and easily.  This is possible because the tom tom supports do not intrude into the drum as it helps to hold the drum in place at the upper rim. And precisely because of this reason, a better sound can be produced on the tom toms.  Pretty neat indeed! isn’t it!  Tama is also well known it’s super heavy duty hardware on its drum sets. They also have some innovations when it comes to cymbal stands and snare stands.

There are several types of tama drums in the market today that include Star classic bubinga elite and EFX, Star classic bubinga/bubinga EFX, Star classic bubinga omni-tune, Star classic maple, and Star classic performer B/B and B/B EFX.  These drums are mainly made of wood and not really very difficult to play.

Known for their excellent value, durability and quality, Tama drumsets are used by famous luminaries as Stewart Copeland of The Police and Lars Ulrich of Metallica.

Mapex: For a better drumming and musical performance

mapex1Mapex drums is one of the younger drum companies in the industrywhich started its operation back in 1989 under the KHS Musical Instrument Company in Taiwan, but have quickly managed to build a reputation for quality sounding drums such as the Mapex Voyager, Horizon, the Mapex Meridian Birch, the Maple, the Saturn and Orion kits.

Some of the striking features of  this drum manufacturing company is that its drums are actually handicrafted by hundreds of dedicated employees who skillfully apply their talent and expertise to their craft (hard to believe. isn’t it?), and it produces drums for drummers at all levels of the game.  So, while its  Mapex Voyager and Horizon lines are targeted more at entry level drummers, they offer the Mapex Meridian Birch and Maple lines for the intermediate drummers  Similarly, for the professionals, they have the Saturn and Orion kits.

Today Mapex drums are one of the biggest names in drums manufacturing world.  With your Mapex drum set, be it mapex voyager, mapex horizon or mapex meridian, your talents and personality will be faithfully delivered to your audience, whether you’re playing to a crowd of five or fifty thousands.

African Percussion and bongos: elegant and affordable

Experience the drummer’s dream

If you want to experience a unique Afro-beat and its irresistible rhythm, African percussion drums and bongos can be some of the best musical instruments to play.  While these special drums and instruments have remained very popular in the Africa in the past, music and drum lovers from the rest of the world have also started to explore and incorporate the high-energy dances of West African folklore into their own music style.  And the result is a much livelier and spontaneous audience-interactive entertainment experience.  Thanks to unstoppable rhythm and swing unleashed by African percussion and bongos drums!

We invite musicians of any skill level to join one of the fastest growing segments within the musical instrument industry so that they can benefit from the unique rhythm principles offered by African percussion.  For more information on percussion, bongos drums and an array of other musical instruments, please visit http://www.drummersparadise.com.au/hand-percussion to discover a world of unlimited excitements!



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