There are many reasons to learn a musical instrument, the most obvious being for the enjoyment it can bring yourself and others (assuming you play well). But we don’t often talk about the health benefits that come with doing so, whether they be physical or mental. If you’re thinking about buying a conventional or even an electronic drum kit and giving it a shot, you’d be pleased to hear about the following benefits that come with it.



Group Drum Playing By Drummers Paradise

Exercise has a number of important benefits itself, as you’d be well aware. Drumming is actually a genuine form of exercise when you consider the repetitive movements, endurance and the number of muscles that are being worked during a jam session. And if you can exercise while doing something you love, it’s a win win.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Drumming with hand eye coordination by Drummers Paradise

Your first few times playing the drums are going to feel a little awkward, mainly due to the fact that your brain isn’t used to making the movements that your making. You may have fitness issues for hitting the right drums and cymbals, even more so when you consider your whole body has to be in synch and stay in time. But the brain has a way of picking things up very quickly and it is a known fact that playing the drums can improve motor skills and general coordination in both children and adults.

Stress Relief

Drum playing for stress release from Drummers paradise

Many physical activities, whether it be playing sport, running or in this case playing the drums, can have something of a therapeutic effect on us and help us deal with stress. It’s important to have pastimes and hobbies outside of our other activities for this reason. But there’s something about the rhythmic nature of playing the drums in particular that helps you release stress and forget worries. Just about any drummer will tell you as much!

Improved Immune System

Learning Drumming is Exercise By Drummers Paradise

While this is likely a result of more exercise, studies have shown that those that practice the drums develop higher quantities of white blood cells and are able to deal with infections more quickly and efficiently.

Helps To Develop Ambidextrousness

Musical instrument playing helpful for health by Drummers Paradise

Given that you’re using both sides of your body in ways that you never have before, playing the drums can help you develop the ability to make precision movements with your non dominant hand and/or foot in the long run. There are various benefits that come as a result of this as this trait can give you an advantage playing other instruments and playing sport too.


If you’ve ever thought about picking up the drums, these health benefits give you another reason to do so! Drummer’s Paradise has the best range of convention and electronic drum kits to get you started. Come visit us in store or check out our range online to find out more.



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