mapex1Mapex drums is one of the younger drum companies in the industrywhich started its operation back in 1989 under the KHS Musical Instrument Company in Taiwan, but have quickly managed to build a reputation for quality sounding drums such as the Mapex Voyager, Horizon, the Mapex Meridian Birch, the Maple, the Saturn and Orion kits.

Some of the striking features of  this drum manufacturing company is that its drums are actually handicrafted by hundreds of dedicated employees who skillfully apply their talent and expertise to their craft (hard to believe. isn’t it?), and it produces drums for drummers at all levels of the game.  So, while its  Mapex Voyager and Horizon lines are targeted more at entry level drummers, they offer the Mapex Meridian Birch and Maple lines for the intermediate drummers  Similarly, for the professionals, they have the Saturn and Orion kits.

Today Mapex drums are one of the biggest names in drums manufacturing world.  With your Mapex drum set, be it mapex voyager, mapex horizon or mapex meridian, your talents and personality will be faithfully delivered to your audience, whether you’re playing to a crowd of five or fifty thousands.


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