They can sing and they can swing their drum sticks like it’s no body’s business. As drumming alone isn’t that impressive, these fellow artists can co-ordinate their arms, legs as well as their vocal cords. Today we will take a look at those blessed souls who are as multi-talented as we hope to be in our dreams, the top 5 best singing drummers of all time.


5. Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor Playing the Drums in Concert
Image by © Neal Preston

Remember Bohemian Rhapsody or The Invisible Man? Yeah those, classics. Now guess what, the vocals were not the legend Freddie Mercury himself! In Queen his voice was majestically complimented by the guy, who was equally famous for his falsetto talents as for his sturdy hands with the drums, the incredibly talented Roger Taylor. There probably isn’t a single drumming style that he is not able to nail with perfection. He played either Ludwig or Sleishman drums until 2008, now he is seen more with DW drum kits. Roger Taylor was more than just a great drummer, his name became synonymous with Queen’s sound, he was

Throughout the peak of this career Roger Taylor was more than just a great drummer, his name became synonymous with Queen’s sound, he was Queen’s secret weapon!


4. Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr

There’re very few singers who have this quality to ‘own a song’ when they sing it. And quite surprisingly one of those few happens to be a drummer! A drummer who is still arguably the most influential individual to ever play the drums. We are talking about the one and only Ringo Starr. One of the most famous drummers ever to have picked up the sticks Mr. Ringo Starr often paired up his snare drums with his singing. Singing that was familiar, comforting – singing that can make anyone feel at home when they hear it. His singing was so beautiful that the Beatles featured at least one lead vocal role of him per album. He is still gracing the stage with his All-Starr Band. Ringo surely is a jack of all trades and a musical master of EVERYTHING!


3. Levon Helm

Levon Helm

Back in the ‘60s when the UK was ruling the music industry and America struggling to fight back, at the helm of all of that rustling was Mr. Levon Helm. His distinctly soulful vocals and the southern twinge in the delivery were impossible to ignore. And he was a drummer. The rootsy, rusting, blues styled drumming combined with his soulful singing made him fascinatingly multi-talented. Songs like The Weight and Up On Cripple Creek are still considered as works of art, that re-shaped the American rock ’n’ roll industry. Inventive both behind the drums and in front of the mics, this classic drummer was a member of a band named The Band, guess the inventiveness malfunctioned a little at band naming!


2. Don Henley

Don Henley

Entering into the 70’s we found a new band, Eagles. Rings a bell? One of the founding members of this gigantically popular American band is our next pick. Seeing Don Henley with all his charms behind the drums, effortlessly drumming and singing the ageless classics with Eagles, is one of the few things that makes life perfect. He was a driving force within the rock industry in the 80’s and still going strong with his commendable career, check out all the GRAMMYs and AMAs Eagle has been receiving years after years. Though he shares the singing responsibility with the rest of the group, he is considered as the lead vocal by the majority. And his drumming, well he keeps it simple and effortless with his signature hooks, and that’s the beauty of it.


1. Phil Collins

Phil Collins

Can we have drum rolls please?
You might have seen it coming, our number one pick for this list of famous drummers who can also sing is none other than the king of coordination Mr. Phil Collins. You can put on a great debate on whether he is a better singer or a better drummer! Collins is THAT good. Back in the 80’s when he had his pick, he was ruling the charts with his band Genesis, producing new music, singing and drumming for most of the artists available that time. There were many singing drummers before him, and there will be many after him, but we have huge doubts, him being dethroned anytime soon. His drumming style ultimately defined that era.  And his expressive, husky voice practically ruled the genres like rock, pop, blues and even film soundtracks. Unlike many other artists Phil Collins was enormously successful in balancing his continuing solo work with his membership in Genesis, this is one of the many reasons that make him best among the bests.



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